5 Unique Places to Propose in Dublin this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is not far away and if you are in a long term relationship you may be considering proposing on the day that is dedicated to celebrating love. We are here to help make that decision a little easier by identifying 5 unique places in Dublin to propose this Valentine's day.

5. Anne's Lane Dublin 2

Anne's Lane in Dublin 2 just off Grafton Street has become one of the most instagramable locations in Dublin due to its umbrella art overhead. The colourful umbrellas make for an amazing backdrop for proposal photos in the heart of Dublin city.

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4. Whitefriar Church Shrine to St Valentine

Whitefriar Church on Aungier Street is home to the remains of the Patron Saint of love himself, St Valentine. What better way to declare your love than in front of St Valentine himself on the day that is dedicated to celebrating love. Ok so maybe to some people proposing in a church may seem a bit morbid but you could visit the church and impress your partner with your Valentine's knowledge before taking them somewhere else to get down on one knee.                                                      (Anne's Lane & St Stephen's Green Park within 5 minutes walking distance)

Whitefriar Church St Valentine Shrine Proposal Blog by the Romance Engineers Irelands proposal planner


3. Guinness Storehouse

The Gravity Bar, located at the top of the Guinness Storehouse is a stunning bar with a spectacular 360 degree view of Dublin's Fair City and is just perfect for that special romantic proposal. What better way to toast your engagement than with a champagne flute of the black stuff (Guinness) overlooking Dublin city.

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(Photos from Guinness Storehouse Website)

2. On the Liffey

The River Liffey at night time with a backdrop of the convention centre and the Samuel Beckett Bridge makes for a beautiful and iconic proposal setting.

Propose on the Liffey in front of the convention centre and samuel beckett bridge in Dublin Romance Engineers Place to propose in Dublin on Valentines Day

1. Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainham Gaol is the number 1 most popular thing to do in Dublin on Tripadvisor and although it may seem a strange place to propose in a prison, the prison itself has a history of a very famous romance dating back to 1916. Joseph Mary Plunkett one of the leaders of the 1916 rising, married his sweetheart Grace Gifford in the prison chapel, just 7 hours before he was executed by firing squad. The Prison is steeped in Irish history and would certainly make for a unique proposal.

Kilmainham Gaol Proposal by the Romance Engineers Irelands Proposal Planners Blog on places to propose in Dublin on Valentines Day

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