Awesome Road Trip Game for Bank Holiday Weekend

With the June Bank Holiday Weekend fast approaching, many of you are packing your bags for a road trip.  We thought we would share a cool romantic game to keep you entertained on that long road trip.  

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So how do you play this game, I hear you ask?

You and your partner will both make a CD each with 20 songs and compete in the ultimate Road Trip Duel....

A CD??? - No you didn't read it wrong.  At risk of sounding like a complete dinosaur I am suggesting that you dig out your pile of unused blank CDs and actually put songs on it #retro!  Creating a CD for your loved one is romantic and when you're finished you will have a memory or keepsake that is more tangible than a playlist on your phone that will be deleted when you're out of memory and need to take a selfie. You can keep the CD in the car and throw it on years later and it will take you bank to that unforgettable Bank Holiday Weekend of 2018.

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Pick a Theme:

We find it works best if you pick a theme such as:

  • Favourite Holiday or Summer Songs
  • Favourite Love Songs
  • Upbeat Happy Songs
  • Cheesy Songs
  • Songs inspired by your Relationship

Agree on a category and then select 20 songs each that best represent your category with your partner in mind. You will be competing against each other to see who made the best CD and are ultimately crowned the King or Queen of the road trip (this is a big deal with considerable bragging rights). You will need to be strategic in your placement of your songs as each song will be judged against your partners equivalent. So your song 1 vs your partners song 1 and so on. You will need to swap over the CD after each song to compare like for like song 1 vs song 1.  Be strategic - this is a marathon not a sprint so don't put all your best songs at the start of the CD - make sure spread them out.  If you're struggling to think of songs, you can always cheat and put the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack on!

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You will have to try and be unbiased when judging each other's songs and agree on which of the two is the better song. We assume that there will be as much chance of this as Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher having the same opinion on a Man United vs Liverpool match..... There are no draws allowed - there has to be an agreement on which song is better and that song is awarded 1 point to the owner. The passenger is responsible for keeping the score (no cheating!)

The battle will be staged over 40 songs like a more enjoyable Eurovision Song Contest without the heavy burden of the cost of staging the contest next year if you win.

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This game is bound to brighten up that long journey with some lively debates and classic tunes. To make it more interesting you can agree on a prize for the winner and/or a dare or forfeit for the loser but we will leave that part up to you guys to decide.


We hope you enjoy the game over the Bank Holiday Weekend and please let us know how it goes in the comments below or on our Facebook or Instagram pages.  If you're still looking for somewhere to go on a Road Trip, check out our Romantic Mystery Tours

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