Do you need the Ring to propose?

When proposing, a big concern among proposers can be choosing the right ring. Should you purchase the ring yourself or choose it together after you propose?

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Our advice here at the Romance Engineers would be to propose with a ring.  This shows your partner your commitment, that you have put a lot of serious thought into what you are about to ask and that you have taken the time to choose and purchase a ring that you think they would like.

The choice between The Ring or a token ring is the real choice to make.


Proposing with The Ring

There is something very special about wearing a ring that your partner chose themselves.  It is meaningful, personal and it is like wearing a piece of your partner every day.

The benefits:

  • Personal touch of a ring that was chosen with love
  • When taking the inevitable ring photo, it is lovely to be able to share a photo of the ring that your partner will wear forever
  • The Engagement feels more official
  • Shows that you are willing and able to make serious decisions
  • Brownie points for choosing the ring all by yourself
  • Your partner won't know how much you paid for the ring

The risks:

  • Your partner might not like the ring you choose... (but some jewelers will allow you to exchange the ring after!)
  • If she/he knocks it out of your hand with excitement, it could be pouring a lot of money down the drain
  • You lose it, resulting in the same outcome as above
  • Could end up paying way more than she/he was expecting you to


Proposing with a token ring

The biggest barrier for the proposer when it comes to the ring is often the pressure of choosing a ring without their partner's opinion.  Proposing with a token ring can be the perfect solution to this problem.

The benefits:

  • Less risks of choosing wrong style, metal, diamond or price range
  • Can return the promise ring and put the money towards the real engagement ring (or keep it and then you have 2 rings!)
  • Extends the occasion and she/he gets to go shopping for pretty shinning rings

The risks:

  • Be careful - the fake jewel on the token ring may give an unrealistic expectation of the diamond size in your budget range
  • She/he will most likely know how much you spent as they will be picking the ring themselves and could exceed your anticipated budget
  • Can seem like you weren't committed enough to take a chance
  • Can come across as lazy or uninterested

To sum up, it is taking a risk by choosing the ring yourself but we believe it is a risk worth taking as the benefits of getting it right outweigh the cons of getting in wrong. Just make sure if you do choose The Ring yourself that you can exchange it if she/he doesn't like it.

 If you're still not convinced and would like assistance in choosing The Ring, we can help you out with our Engagement ring support service. Click on the link below for more info. 

Engagement Ring Support


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