How to keep your Proposal Plan a Secret

Planning a marriage proposal can be a stressful ordeal and keeping the secret from your loved one can be equally difficult, so we have compiled a few helpful tips to help you keep your secret well hidden.

Keep it Locked Down

Set up a new email address or use your work email address for contacting jewellers, proposal planners, hotel bookings or basically anything to do with the proposal whatsoever. Do not connect this email address to your phone as you will receive notifications that your partner might catch a glimpse of. If they do find out that you have set up a new email address, then just tell them you are a drug dealer, it's easier....

Seriously though, keep it locked down and don't tell anyone about your plan if you can avoid it - the more people involved the bigger the chance of someone letting something slip!

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Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail

You will be sneaking around going to jewellery shops, travel agents, meeting proposal planners and generally acting super-sketchy, so at some point your partner might become suspicious of your behaviour.  Therefore you must plan for this.  "How?" I hear you ask??? Buy your partner a few presents and keep them in the boot of your car underneath the spart tyre. Then if they become suspicious that you are hiding something you can say "Ok you got me... I bought you a present and I was going to surprise you but you've ruined it now so I might as well give you the gift". They will be riddled with guilt and you will be off the hook. Worst case scenario they don't get suspicious and you've got their birthday/anniversary/valentines day/christmas gift sorted early.  

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Hide the Precious

Channel your inner Frodo Baggins and hide that precious ring somewhere safe. Most jewelers will hold onto the ring until you are ready to collect it, so if you can, leave it with the jeweler as long as you can. This reduces the risk of her or him finding the ring, you losing it or  having to ask someone to mind the ring for you. As already mentioned the less people involved the less chance of someone ruining the surprise. The only exception is if you know some trustworthy big footed hobbits, those guys know how to mind a ring!

On the day of the proposal be wary of the fact that she or he may put their hands in your pockets if they are the touchy-feely kind so you may need to plan for this by hiding the ring in your sock or bringing a bag and hiding it somewhere in the bag. But remember you will need to have a good reason for having the bag in the first place and you will also need to figure out how to get the ring out of the bag without being seen. If you are thinking "sure I will just bring the bag with me to the toilet and then I can get the ring out in there" WRONG.... she/he will ask you why you are bringing the bag to the toilet. I know this from experience, so have a plan B.

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Asking the Father

Remember the golden rule, don't tell anybody about the proposal.  However if you are planning on being traditional and asking the Father for permission then there are few things you need to know.

  1. This involves telling someone and breaking the Golden Rule.
  2. Leave it as close to the proposal as you possibly can to reduce the risk.
  3. Bear in mind that he may want you to ask the Mother's permission too and this can increase the risk by at least 200%.
  4. There is always the chance they could say No
  5. Consider if Dad and potentially Mum will be able to keep the secret.
  6. If you ask both the Parents, then you may have told most, if not the whole family (if they are an only child) and this can take away from the fun of ringing to tell the family post proposal


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