What is a Proposal Planner?

Proposal Planners are a relatively new phenomenon in Ireland but they have been operating in other countries such as the UK and US for some time, so what is a Proposal Planner?

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A Proposal Planner is hired to provide a service of assisting you (The Proposer) in executing the romantic marriage proposal that your partner deserves. The service removes all of the stress for the proposer and allows them to enjoy the proposal as well as their new Fiancée.

A good Proposal Planner will be able to make your dream proposal come to life so that your partner can proudly tell the story of your romantic proposal time and time again. Once you are engaged you will be constantly asked about your proposal story and it should be a story your fiancee is only delighted to tell and relive.

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So What Does a Proposal Planner Do? 

  • If you have an idea a Proposal Planner will make it come to life and enhance the idea to become more than you expected or could achieve on your own.
  • If you don't have an idea a Proposal Planner will be able to work with you to find out what kind of proposal your partner would like and give you multiple options and proposal ideas that suit your relationship or taste.
  • They will offer advice and answer any questions or reservations you may have about your proposal. Having someone to discuss your proposal with (that you can trust won't spill the beans) is invaluable. 
  • A Proposal Planner will contact vendors or hotels on your behalf and make bookings etc to make the process seamless and stress free. This also saves you time and reduces your online footprint which lessens the chance of your partner finding out about your proposal plans.
  • They will visit your proposal location and identify the best places to propose and send you a detailed itinerary and proposal plan that will include a timeline, directions and all the fine details to make your proposal 
  • They will set up the proposal scene or decorate the room etc depending on the clients proposal idea and make sure everything is just perfect for this once in a lifetime romantic moment.
  • Some Proposal Planners will offer Proposal Photography or Videography as an added extra but we (The Romance Engineers) offer both as standard in all of our proposal packages.
  • The Romance Engineers offer a female and male perspective on proposing and will go above and beyond to make sure that your marriage proposal experience is a story worth telling.

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If you need assistance in planning your dream romantic proposal that your partner deserves, then get in touch with us today at info@romanceengineers.ie and we can put together a proposal package to meet your requirements. 

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