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THEVOW.IE Interview with the Romance Engineers

For those who have dreamed about being swept up off their feet while their dream man or woman gets down on one knee on front of; the Eiffel Tower? a fabulous restaurant packed full with friends and family? a picturesque peak in the Alps? the all-out Hollywood proposal is the only way to go. And there's one Irish couple who are doing all they can to make these movie-style engagements a reality. Una and Gary Hogan, the husband and wife duo behind proposal-planners The Romance Engineers, are on a mission to “produce romance superheroes” and make romance cool again.

Romance Engineers Interview with Newstalk FMs Bobby Kerr Down to Business - Gary Hogan & Una Kennedy

Romance Engineers Interview with Bobby Kerr of Newstalk's Down to Business Show

We recently conducted a radio interview with Irish Entrepreneur and Business man Bobby Kerr. Bobby is chairman of Insomnia Coffee and a former Dragon from the Irish version of Dragons Den produced by RTE.
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What is a Romance Superhero???

We believe that anyone has the ability to become a Romance Superhero.  The notion that someone isn't the Romantic type doesn't mean they are incapable of romance -it just means they don't know where to start or they're shy, or maybe think they are too cool for school!  However if you truly love your other half you should be able to overcome these obstacles and step out of your comfort zone and show them how much they mean to you without worrying about what other people might say. This is true bravery - the stuff that heroes are made of!
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The Value of Capturing the moment

Some people choose to save the footage of their proposal and show it on a screen for all their guests at their wedding. This is an awesome idea and allows your guests to share your journey as a couple to your wedding day.

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How did he/she Propose?

Naturally the unavoidable question "How did he/she propose?" can add a lot of pressure to the person planning on popping the question.

You are almost required to be a Romance Superhero, whether you are the romantic type or not.

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Seize the Weekday!

Why not break the habit with a midweek date?  Instead of watching the latest episode of Neighbours on the couch waiting for the weekend, seize the weekday and go out for a date!  It's a great way to brighten up your week and your relationship and there are some great deals to be had midweek!
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6 Watchable Rom-Coms that will earn you World Cup Screen Time

With the World Cup just around the corner, the question on most men's lips is how are you going to be able to watch as much football as you would like?  

If you want to watch Argentina vs Iceland then you are going to have to give something in return and watch something that your other half wants to watch to balance it out. We don't want you to suffer, so we have put together a list of 6 WATCHABLE (tried & tested) Rom-Com's to help you get through the World Cup with ease...

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Awesome Road Trip Game for Bank Holiday Weekend

You and your partner will both make a CD each with 20 songs and compete in the ultimate Road Trip Duel.


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Do Bottle up your Memories

Here is a great idea to help you to track your memories as well as celebrate all the good things about your relationship.
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5 Simple Ideas for Everyday Romance

Romance doesn't always have to be big dramatic gestures, often it's the small things that can mean more especially when they are done regularly.  We have put together a list of 5 small changes to help you make romance an everyday occurrence.
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Romantic Ski Proposal in Westendorf Austria

Ella was completely awestruck by Daniel's amazing proposal.  She was lost for words but bowled over with excitement.  She said yes and the newly engaged couple toasted the celebration with a glass of Champagne each before retreating to the restaurant for some well earned lunch and a bit of warmth.
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Do you need the Ring to propose?

When proposing, a big concern among proposers can be choosing the right ring. Should you purchase the ring yourself or choose it together after you propose?