About Us

Romance Engineers

The Romance Engineers is the Romance Specialist Company, a company set up to help people be more romantic and to create and capture special moments and romantic experiences.


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower Romance Superheroes and make romance cool and accessible to all.  We believe that anyone can be romantic - sometimes people just need a bit of help.  We are here to provide that help by supporting our clients and enabling them to carry out romantic gestures and proposals.   The notion that someone isn't the Romantic type doesn't mean they are incapable of romance - it usually just means they don't know where to start, they don’t have enough time or they might just be shy.  We want to help people overcome these obstacles and step out of their comfort zone so they can show their other half how much they mean to them without worrying about what other people might say. This is true bravery - the stuff that heroes are made of!
Gary & Una are a very romantic and happy couple who got married in March 2017. Gary has always been a romantic. After proposing to Una at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, and planning a wedding in sunny Tenerife, Gary and Una found themselves almost falling into the Romance business as friends and family were consulting them for advice on weddings & proposals on a regular basis.

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We offer unique and innovative ways to implement romantic gestures and proposals and offer our support every step of the way. We want to give people the confidence to step out of their comfort zone and perform the romantic gesture or proposal that they dream of delivering for their loved one. We will be on hand to make sure that everything goes to plan and will offer the service of capturing this once in a lifetime priceless moment on video and picture that our customers will treasure forever.


Meet the Team

Gary Hogan Romance Engineers

Gary Hogan - Owner & Proposal Planner

At the age of 8 Gary made a successful business from cutting old skirting boards into fire wood or kindling and selling it door to door. Always the Entrepreneur, Gary has a background in Business Management & Marketing backed up by a Business Degree, he was always destined to start his own business. Gary has always been a romantic person and planning his proposal to his wife Una, inspired him to set up The Romance Engineers. He is a highly innovative person who has a wealth of experience in planning and delivering romantic gestures which makes him the ideal Romance Planner to deliver your dream proposal or romantic experience. Gary believes that everyone has the potential to be romantic and his goal is to help people to create that "Only happens in the Movies" experience for their loved ones.


Una Kennedy Romance Engineers

Una Kennedy - Romance Co-ordinator

Una is a fun loving romantic with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from University College Dublin and a background in Project Management & Continuous Improvement. Una's experience includes logical thinking and unwavering attention to detail which makes her the ideal Romance Co-Ordinator. Una's background in Engineering has given her excellent problem solving skills and has trained her to think outside the box, which drives her to develop new and creative ways of providing unique marriage proposals. Una loves to see a job through until the end and has a knack for ensuring every last minute detail is complete. Her attention to detail and passion provides the confidence to our customers that every step has been carefully thought through and covered ensuring that the everything runs according to plan.