Terms & Conditions

The Romance Engineers will do our best to accommodate your preferred date of proposal, however this is subject to our schedule and potentially venue availability depending on the proposal option and cannot be guaranteed until booking is confirmed. We will strive to facilitate your preferred date as best we can. We will send you a confirmation email once we have agreed on a specific date and time for your proposal.
Cancellation after payment and agreement will result in a loss of refund. In certain situations we may be open to rescheduling the proposal to another date at the Romance Engineers discretion. 
We do not offer any refunds on proposal packages or other products once the confirmation email has been sent and the package has been paid and agreed upon. We do not offer any refunds if your partner refuses your marriage proposal.
The Romance Engineers will never exchange your personal data with any external or third-parties. We will only hold relevant data that is required to run our business.
The Romance Engineers hold the right to refuse any client under the age of 18 or as we see fit. The Romance Engineers will travel to conduct destination proposals but hold the right to refuse to travel to certain places for health and safety reason. 
Assumption of Risk
The Romance Engineers are not liable for accidental injury to any party involved or loss or damage of personal items during any Proposal or other activity. The nature of your proposal or potential locations may carry health and safety risks and hazards, and your participation is voluntary.
These risks and hazards include, but are not limited to, the following: theft, vandalism or other criminal acts, travel and navigation in difficult terrain and inclement weather, accidents or collisions involving vehicles, acts of terrorism or war, storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or other natural disasters, government restriction or regulation changes.
These risks and hazards may result in serious physical injury, sickness or death, and damage to, or loss of personal property. No guarantee can be made that the Romance Engineers or others can provide assistance if any of the aforementioned  result and cannot  be held liable. All Romance Engineers proposals are booked under the client's own risk and under the knowledge that we cannot guarantee safety in situations that are out of our control. The Romance Engineers cannot guarantee that you get a YES to your marriage proposal offer and we do not take any responsibility if you do not get a YES.
Photo & Video Consent
By agreeing to our proposal service including photography and videography services, you acknowledge and agree that all right, title and interest in and to said photographs, including all copyright rights, shall belong solely to The Romance Engineers. The Romance Engineers permits that you may use the photographs for personal purposes only. The Romance Engineers reserve the right to use such photographs in its promotional materials.